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January 31, 2007
QuadraSET Version 3.0 with Communication Central is currently shipping featuring auto text & voice messaging schedules. Request a Demo/Trial at info@quadra- systems.com or call (800) 772-4821.

September 01, 2006
Quadra Rehab Version 2.0 is currently shipping.

April 1, 2005
Quadra Systems releases QuadraSET version 2.1 - A web based Employee Scheduling, Timesheet and Expense reporting solution.

Quadra SET Customers
Quadra Rehab Customers
Welcome to Quadra Systems.
Dedicated to provide Organizations with comprehensive Internet based tools in planning, scheduling, record-keeping, reporting and communication. Utilizing the Web, Quadra Systems' products perform these critical tasks with unsurpassed flexibility and efficiency.

Has maintaining and creating staff schedules become chaotic and demanding?
Do schedule changes frustrate managers and employees alike?
Is redundant paper work, emailing, faxing and phone tag common place?
Then Quadra Systems products are designed for you!

Why Use Internet based software?
  • Cost effective & inexpensive to implement
  • User friendly with simple tutorials
  • Interactive
  • Web Browser based - operating system independent
  • Flexible, usable from any computer with Internet connection
  • Shared data base for multiple sites
  • Single location for all your tools and databases
  • Meets HIPPA secure standards

QuadraSET Demo
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